Fergie Height, Age, Weight, Body Measurements, Biography, Wiki, Family, Husband, Affairs, Net Worth & More

Fergie bio Full name Fergie (Fergie) Date of Birth March 27 1975 (44 years old) Place of Birth Hacienda Heights, California, USA Aries zodiac sign Height 157 cm Weight 48 kg     Childhood  We know Stacy Ferguson by her stage name – Fergie. The proximity to Hollywood created a certain atmosphere. And although her parents were school teachers , the girl from …

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Dilip Kumar Biography, Age,Family, Education, Net Worth & More

dilip kumar bio

Dilip Kumar Years of life:Birthday December 11, 1922 the first actor to receive the Filmfare Award for Best Actor in 1954, and still, along with Shahrukh Khan, holds a record of 8 awards received in this nomination   Biography   Dilip Kumar (Hindi, English Dilip Kumar; real name – Muhammad Yusuf KhanUrdu Muhammad Yusuf Khan; December 11, 1922, Peshawar, British India) – Indian actor, …

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Cara Delevingne Bio, Wiki, Husband, Affair, Family,Movies, Childrens, Net worth & More

Cara Delevingne bio

Full name Cara Delevigne Date of Birth August 12 1992 (27 years old) Place of Birth London, UK Leo zodiac sign. Height 176 cm Weight 49 kg   Biography Cara Delevingne was born into a wealthy family. Her grandfather is the former head of the state commission of English Heritage , her father is an entrepreneur for the construction of private houses , her mother …

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Kylie Minogue Biography, Wiki, Husband, Affair, Family,Movies, Childrens, Net worth & More

Kylie Minogue bio

Kylie Minogue is a famous actress Full name Kylie Minogue (Kylie Minogue) Date of Birth May 28 1962 (57 years old) Place of Birth Melbourne, Australia Gemini zodiac sign. Height 153 cm Weight 49 kg   Biography Kylie Minogue is the eldest of three children in the family , her sister , Dani Minogue , is also a well-known singer in Australia. But Brandon , their brother did not …

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Kate Middleton Biography, Age, Family, Education, Net Worth & More


Kate Middleton (Kate Middleton) Date of Birth January 9 1982 (38 years old) Place of Birth Reading, England Capricorn zodiac sign Height 178 cm Weigh t48 kg   Biography The Kate Middleton family is not from a noble circle. The parents of the duchess are ordinary people from the most ordinary families. Kate’s father came from the middle class of workers , and his …

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Prince william biography,Age,Family, Education,, Net Worth & More

Prince William Full name Date of Birth June 21 1982 (37 years old) Place of Birth London, UK Gemini zodiac sign. Height 191 cm     Prince William Biography The first-born of Princess Diana and Prince Charles was born on a summer evening at St. Mary’s Hospital in London. Before him, all the crown princes of Great Britain were born in …

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